Facing North

I’m Colleen, a writer and photographer based in Southwest New Hampshire. Art is a strength of mine, and I have a weakness for history and stories. In New England we are surrounded by hundreds of years of history. There is a quiet beauty that lends itself to stone walls, old forts, barns and historical meetinghouses. There is always more to discover. Who built those barns? and set up those old stone walls? Why did they build that fort? Who built those barns that are sagging back into the earth? No matter where you look there are more stories to discover.


I am a creative person at my core. Writing fills me with excitement, and photography helps me find peace. I enjoy bringing stories to life, especially ones that relate to Americana. The focus is always put on the big events, and often the people and places of those events are forgotten. All around this region there are reminders of a forgotten time. We always look brightly on the rise to importance, but ignore the slide back into obscurity. I enjoying looking at those abandoned forts and houses, and trying to figure out what happened. To follow those stories from their bright beginnings to their quiet ends.

My biggest challenge was how to share that passion. I began to reach out to local organizations, hoping to write for them. New Hampshire State Parks, Only in New Hampshire and Explorer Gear were gracious enough to give me opportunities. There were many valuable lessons about writing and publishing. Deadlines, mastering different tools and adhering to guidelines. You learn about your style too. What you enjoy and what you could do without.


While thankful for the opportunities, I wanted more. My strength lies in writing longer works that are accompanied by pictures. My passion is diving into subjects and bringing them to life. In that format it simply wasn’t possible. I felt confined by the short pieces. It isn’t a bad form, it just wasn’t for me. Those opportunities helped me realize where my true passion lie. The only issue is it much harder to find market for longer works.

That is where North Pack Media comes in. It was created as a place where those longer stories can be told. Where the quiet corner of America can be explored. A place where a otherwise overlooked history can be examined in depth. It is dedicated to highlight the history and Americana that has shaped us. There are so many stories, and few of them can be told in 140 characters or less. North Pack Media is here to bring those to life.

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